the perfect combination of work and joy


Our common areas are here to fulfill your everyday needs. We understand that our guests come from various backgrounds, and as such, we made sure that everyone can find their little haven with the little help of Los Amigos services and hospitality.


“How can we improve our guests’ experience on a daily basis?”— we thought and thought. And what we learned is that sometimes it’s better thing think small than big because it’s usually the little things in life that change the course of our day. Having that in mind, we made it our mission is to help you feel fully welcomed and to bring a smile to your face every day.

Chargeable Los Amigos services

Sometimes we forget things. Sometimes, we’re presented with issues that come our way. In other words, unexpected needs happen when we travel. But, for every problem, there is a solution. Therefore, to help you navigate and meet your needs, we expanded our usual offers — all for a small charge.

Organized activities

Planning a trip ahead extensively can wear everyone down, and it’s at times impossible. And that’s alright! We have you covered. In addition to everything above, we occasionally organize something special for our guests. Join our regularly organized excursions and experience the stunning Tenerife island.