Private room

Enjoy one of the very stylish private — small double rooms that Los Amigos offers to its guests!
Thoughtfully designed for travelers who are perhaps not used to hostel stays or basically anyone looking for that extra private space that makes all difference, more privacy, and a peace-of-mind accommodation.
The coziness and vibe of this room will make every guest feel at home. Stay well organized while you stay with us!

Femenine room, private bathroom (4 beds)

Friendly guests of the Los Amigos hostel await you!
Looking to connect more easily while you stay with us, share your story, and make new friends?
If so, then our cost-friendly, mixed dorm room is a way to go!
Comes in 6 to 8 beds per room, where each guest is provided with lockers for their valuables, electricity sockets, a reading lamp, a clean set of bed covers, and a mattress that helps you have one of the best sleeps ever.
Want to bring friends along? Say no more!

Mixed Room (4, 6 and 8 beds)

When you thought we couldn’t go any simpler, we take it one step further!
You’re an active person, and booking accommodation serves mostly one major purpose, having a comfortable bed to crash in after a long day of fulfilling activities. Or perhaps staying in the room throughout the day is not your favorite thing…
Hence, Los Amigos Safari rooms. The most affordable option is here to grant you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and get you ready for the ventures ahead, all while providing the basics for an overnight stay.
Keep it simple, keep it fundamental — go Safari.